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hrvestor | Stock Portfolio Management

Stock Portfolio Management

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The art of stock portfolio management is about putting together an investment strategy that will help you achieve specific goals, whether it is funding retirement, building wealth, affording your kids' school, or any long-term or short-term goals.

A person’s typical investments and savings include a home, investing in 401K, exchange-traded funds (ETF) and mutual funds, money in the bank accounts and money market, and stocks.

But what is the best way to invest your money?

Better at Wealth Building

Compared to other investments, stocks provide the best way to build a nest egg. Yes, there was the hard-hit decade 1998 - 2008, when American stocks actually declined. But this was an anomaly. If you look at historical records while going back to the early 1900s, stocks have performed better than bonds or precious metals.

When you compare an investment in real estate to stocks, for over 20 years stocks provided better returns than real estate. For most of American history, housing prices have risen only a bit more than the level of inflation in the economy. The stock market may have experienced more booms and busts, but it has provided better overall returns.

The kind of returns on investment over the last 20 years that have been experienced by companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and various telecommunication businesses show the enormous potential of the stock market to build wealth.

Active and Passive Asset Management

There are two styles of portfolio management: active and passive.

With passive management, investors merely accept market returns, believing that markets are efficient and their returns cannot be beaten. Low-cost investments held for the long-term are supposed to provide the best returns.

Those who adhere to passive management embrace the efficient market theory. It’s impossible to beat the market because they automatically reflect all information that affects it - interest rate announcements, changes to company management, and so on).

With active asset management, a portfolio manager tries to beat the market performance, using a specific style of analysis or management. A properly managed active portfolio has the potential to yield high returns while minimizing the risk.

A good active portfolio manager has a knack for value investing – determining the intrinsic worth of a company on the strength of their financial statements and other criteria. By buying undervalued stock with the right performance fundamentals in place, the managers can build a portfolio with long-term wealth potential.

Portfolio Diversity

Not only is diversity good for your overall savings portfolio, but it is also an essential strategy for your investment portfolio. You might want a mix of safe mutual funds for retirement savings, stocks with the potential for immense growth but come with more risk and little or no income, and blue-chip stocks that exchange high risk and growth for safety, including good income and quarterly dividends. Undervalued stocks with immense growth potential can be paired with those offering passive growth tied to market indices.

To find the right investment mix for you, try the smart interactive tools and expert insights of Hrvestor. We are stock portfolio creator and tracker to help in building wealth and reducing the risk through technology. Hrvestor is designed to simplify the process of finding stock opportunities while also providing guidance on the best times to trade, thus eliminating the complexity of watching the market’s daily ups and down to make trade decisions.

Our dynamic and simple-to-use stock dashboard interface features Stock Scorecards of more than 7,000 stocks that we analyze on the NYSE and NASDAQ stock exchanges. Our proprietary algorithms automatically provide you with the latest stock and trade analysis, stock valuation, and trade. Hrvestor takes the complexity out of the stock decision process through software based machine learning and automation.

Hrvestor offerings also include a variety of Top Stock Lists and investor tools as well as a proactive trading strategy analysis platform. Subscribe today to start building your investment portfolio. Hrvestor is designed to streamline the stock investing research process with a user-friendly interface and intuitive dashboards like Stock Scorecards and Top Stock Lists to empower quick, easy, and informed investment decisions.