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hrvestor | Services


Hrvestor is a publisher of stock investment research and analysis. Our key value for investors and readers is our unique combination of traditional technical stock data analysis combined with our proprietary algorithms to deliver a modern finance technology platform that has the scalability and efficiency to analyze over 7,000 stocks a day.

Our Individual Investor service provides many features for an investment technology platform to provide easy to use Stock Research, Stock Analysis, Trade Analysis, and intuitive Research tools. Our platform is designed with a user-friendly interface that features our Stock Scorecard to efficient research and analysis.

In addition, we provide more tailored or custom investment services that can leverage our Fintech capabilities for specific research, stock, industry or market analysis, and economic analysis. We offer three of these services:

• Fund Manager Services
• Data Services

Fund Manager Services
Our Fund Manager service is a custom research and analysis capability to provide a more targeted stock market intelligence content to drive decision enablement for institutional users.
The key value proposition for our Fund Manager Service is our unique combination of traditional analysis of several areas [stocks, industries/sectors, and macro] and Fintech driven algorithmic technology.

For this service we partner with Frazier Research,, who has 30 years of in-depth stock, macro economics, and geopolitical analysis. This partnership enables our unique approach of traditional stock analysis with macro, geopolitical and then the Harvester proprietary platform to quickly provide research guidance enhance your decision criteria.

For more information about our service please contact us at

Data Services
There are two areas of partnerships in the area of Data Services that include both inbound and outbound type of data services that we are looking to develop to enhance our services and our partner’s services.

• Inbound Data:
Hrvestor is looking for partnership opportunities with companies that provide data services that are strategic for our investor platform. Financial data feeds and other types of relevant market data such as regional, sector/industry, and many other forms of key indicator data.

• Outbound Data:
Hrvestor also provides our own Data Services for partners to leverage for their solutions. Please contact us directly for most information.

For more information about our service please contact us at