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hrvestor | Partner


At Hrvestor we strive to identify and develop strategic partnerships that will benefit our customers and introduce our services to new potential users.

We currently offer two types of partnership opportunities but we are open to discussing any type of strategic partnership that can drive business value for our customers and other partners.

As a publisher of unique financial content, we are looking to broaden our network of partner sites where our content can drive value for their visitors/users. We can provide unique investment content from Hrvestor that will drive business value for your site or service.

Our affiliate program provides incentives for partner websites to feature our content and earn commission. Please contact at

Another strategic partnership avenue is content. Thus, we are interested in developing partnerships with content providers who have unique content such as financial data, market data, market data, and relevant trade analysis data that will add value to our current content.

If you are a potential content partner please contact us at