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hrvestor | Company

"Time is Money"
Find Investments Quickly And Easily.

Thank you for visiting where our mission is to empower the individual stock investor with the latest financial trends, stock analysis and research technology for stock trading information to make right investment decisions and to build wealth.

Hrvestor was designed and developed by two Technology industry veterans to provide a more efficient and easy to use stock research, analysis, and investment decision engine that quickly delivers the information you need to make an informed stock investment decision.

The Hrvestor stock analysis publication and investor solution combine traditional value investing analysis with the efficiency and scale of a data technology platform. Then publishes those findings in an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard for each of the over 7,000 stocks from NYSE and NASDAQ that we analyze daily.

Our proprietary stock analysis algorithms, and tested over many years are the core of our stock ranking system that enables our engine to quickly identify stock investment opportunities. It provides you with information such as average stock market return, stock tips of the day, stock market overvalued and whether stock market is up or down today. We have also developed interactive investor tools such as our Top Stock Lists, Stock Screener, and Stock Compare to enable self-guided research and a more efficient stock research solution.

What We Do
For investing in stocks long-term, Hrvestor is an investment publication that automates stock analysis and delivers an intuitive stock decision engine to quickly and easily identify investment opportunities as well as strategic trade guidance.
The Hrvestor solution combines the risk management of a value investing approach with the speed, efficiency, and scalability of a modern, data analysis platform to generate a proprietary stock ranking system to empower the individual stock investor.
Stock Scorecard
A fundamental and key value differentiator of the Hrvestor solution is our dynamic, user-friendly stock dashboard interface that features Stock Scorecards for each of the over 7,000 stocks we analyze on the NYSE and NASDAQ stock exchanges.

Stock Analysis
A key differentiator of our investment service is our proprietary algorithms that automatically analyze over 7,100 stocks from NYSE and NASDAQ every day to provide you with the latest stock and trade analysis such as stocks with best dividend yield, stocks on the rise, and trade guidance to improve your investment decision process and improve your time to value.

Stock Research
Another important value proposition is streamlined stock research that features a wide variety of Top Stock Lists for immediate guidance on our top value stocks that are specifically organized for research efficiency, these include:
  • Top Overall Rated
  • Top Rated Stocks to Trade today
  • Top Rated Dividend Stocks
  • Top Rated by Industry
  • Top Rated by Market Cap [Large, Mid, Small]
Investor Tools
To complement our Research and Analysis capabilities we have developed intuitive investor tools to enhance your investment decision process.
  • Stock Screener
  • Stock Compare
  • Stock Watchlist
Stock Trading Analysis
We have also designed and developed proactive trading strategy analysis platform that does stock portfolio tracking, analyzes, and publishes opportunities for investors in the form of best stocks to buy for the long term and sell from an Active Management Investing or Buy & Hold investor strategy.
The main aim is to analyze and identify value investing opportunities that will help you to generate wealth while managing risk.

Time is money. Hrvestor was built with the mission to improve the stock investment decision process, make it more efficient by automated data processing and providing value investing insight to empower all investors to build wealth.

By quickly identifying value investment opportunities, Hrvestor saves you the time and frustration of referencing many sources, from investing magazines, newspaper, online and TV, and the effort to decipher what guidance is accurate, timely, and trustworthy.