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hrvestor | Active Value Investing

Active Value Investing

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Active value investing, as the name suggests, combines fundamental analysis to identify undervalued stocks (value investing) with active management of your risk or return on investment.

When you are considering which stocks to invest in 2018, the challenge you often face is how to make money when the markets are flat. Whether you are investing $1,000 a month or investing $5,000, you need to adopt a proactive strategy to drive up your profits while minimizing the risk.

With active value investing, you adopt a dynamic investment strategy that – unlike the long-term game of passive index fund investment – seeks more immediate returns by continuously monitoring market activity to take advantage of potentially profitable conditions. However, taking an active strategy does require the investor’s time and market experience to properly monitor and make decisive trade decision to repeatedly harvest earnings. As a result a passive investment strategy is more practical for the average investor.

Benefits of Active Value Investing

Whether you are looking for stock tips for tomorrow or stock buying recommendations today, an active value investing strategy offers many benefits such as

  • More flexibility and better outcomes – Investment managers are better able to meet the specific needs of their clients with active investments, whether it is providing greater diversification, a particular investment return, or retirement income.
  • Better risk management – The intense focus on specific investments allows finance managers to better align customer investment portfolios with fast-shifting market conditions.
  • More short-term opportunities – Active investing can help you ride the opportunities presented by short-term trading. With swing trades, for example, you can take advantage of market momentum or trade market ranges.

Active Management Provides the Best Stock Market Tips Today

Relying on their experience, proven judgment, analytic research, and market forecasts, active managers seek better returns than passively managed index funds.

If you come to Hrvestor asking, "What stocks should I buy today?" Which ones should I hold? Which ones should I get rid of now?" our active value investing services will ensure you receive the best timely advice. We track trading momentum to find stocks that are trending in the right direction to help you make the best buy decisions.

When you purchase the value stocks trending in the right direction, we usually advise holding onto them until there are indicators otherwise. Conversely, we will protect against loss by selling if a stock dips below a certain threshold, depending on your risk tolerance level.

Also, because they don't have to follow specific benchmarks, active fund managers can manage risk more efficiently. For example, if a country’s banking industry is in turmoil, they aren’t required to have a specific number of banks in their portfolio, as a global banking exchange-traded fund (ETF) might. So they provide investors more protection. They can mitigate risk by using different hedging strategies, including short selling.

They even have expertise in many industry sectors, giving you a better chance to beat average market returns in these areas.

Better Returns and Protection

To help you get the returns you need from an active value investing strategy, try the expert analysis and proven research tools of Hrvestor.

We reduce the complexity of stock research, provide active trade guidance for maximum returns so you know which stocks to buy in 2018, offer intuitive investor tools and daily top-rated stock lists.